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  • Obama BURNS Trump In The Most Epic Way; Trump Left Feeling STUPID


    President Barak Obama just blew us all out of the water with a stunning, record breaking, job growth streak in over 75 years.

    To recap, U.S. employers added 156,000 jobs in December, capping a year of slower but solid hiring and providing the last major snapshot of the economy President-elect Donald Trump will inherit from Barack Obama. In addition to the outstanding numbers, Labor Department portrayed a job market that remains sustainable  7½ years after the recovery from the Great Recession.

    Although the unemployment rate has returned to its pre-recession level, the amount of Americans in their prime working years are either working or looking for work. When people stop looking for a job, they’re no longer counted as unemployed, according to the Chicago Tribune. Although Trump will take credit for the economy numbers skyrocketing because people are joining the Trump “movement” (so he claims), Obama is indeed the first modern president in history who was handed an economy that was in a total destruction and had been set back 75 years with 800,000 job loss a month, with 10% unemployment, with entire industries collapsing, etc., etc. He still managed to turned it all around for America.

    Nonetheless, Obama has created opportunities for the nation, yet conservatives will still criticize him. It’s hard to believe that Trump and his administration could even compete with Obama’s number–the GOP will ultimately end up putting it all back in a ditch again.