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Alec Baldwin Hilariously Taunts Trump With Russian ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat (IMAGES)


If there’s anyone who Donald Trump might loathe the most, it’s likely Alec Baldwin for his spot on portrayal of the president-elect on Saturday Night Live. Trump has often gone after Baldwin on his favorite medium of choice — Twitter — and can’t seem to let a joke be a joke.

Well, in yet another move that Trump will likely greatly dislike, while out and about with his wife Hilaria in New York City on Friday, Baldwin was spotted in a red hat very reminiscent of Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ hats. There was one huge difference, however — the words were in Russian. Likely a not-so-subtle jab at the fact intelligence reports reveal Russia had a hand in helping Trump become president.

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Here’s Baldwin out and about in his Russian ‘Make America Great Again’ hat:

via DailyMail
via DailyMail
via DailyMail

The fact that Baldwin’s wife Hilaria could be seen smiling and laughing insinuates that the couple knew they were going to be seen by paparazzi, and likely took the moment to make the subtle jab at Trump. A jab that Trump will likely not take too kindly too at all. Good.

Well played.

Watch video of Baldwin in the cap here:

Featured image via DailyMail video screen capture