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  • Rachel Maddow Just Asked Trump The PERFECT Question, Internet EXPLODES (VIDEO)


    President-elect Donald Trump’s rhetoric and proposed policies have set off alarm bells amongst the American population, especially liberals, women, minorities, Muslims, and just about every group out there that Trump isn’t a part of. His rhetoric has made people so frightened of him that Rachel Maddow just posed a question to him that made Twitter explode. Here’s  was the question she was asked during an episode of Bravo TV’s Watch WHat Happens live!:

    “If you booked Donald Trump on your show what would your first question be?”

    Maddow paused for a moment and then offered a response that set the Internet on fire and one that Trump should reflect on:

    Maddow asked, ” Are you going to send me or anybody I know to a camp?” Here was the response on Twitter:

    Others attacked the MSNBC host:

    For those what attacked Maddow for her statement, the important question to ask here is why does she and so many Americans feel a special kind of fright when it comes to Donald Trump? The answer to that question is quite easy.