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  • Trump’s Rant On Twitter Just TERRIFIED Millions Of DISGUSTED Republicans, Here’s Why (VIDEO)


    President-elect Donald Trump will be president shortly and as much as that has frightened many Americans, even those who voted for him are now having buyer’s remorse and he hasn’t even become president yet. That’s because he often says he will do things that are sending shivers down the spines of those who voted for him, especially with what he just posted on Twitter:

    So, what exactly is Trump hinting at here? Well, he’s simply getting America ready for one of his first major moves and that is to repeal Obamacare. Millions of Americans currently depend on Obamacare for health insurance, and many of those people are Republicans who voted for Trump. Here’s what a poll said about Republicans and Obamacare:

    “Overall, 73 percent of people who bought health plans and 87 percent of those who signed up for Medicaid said they were somewhat or very satisfied with their new health insurance. Seventy-four percent of newly insured Republicans liked their plans. Even 77 percent of people who had insurance before — including members of the much-publicized group whose plans got canceled last year — were happy with their new coverage.”

    For millions of Americans, including Republicans, healthcare was simply unaffordable and for the first time ever, they could finally see a doctor. Those with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied coverage. Now, those who voted for Trump, who plans to repeal the program, are worried about their coverage:

    The Wall Street Journal recently demonstrated that rural, aging, and working class counties that went overwhelmingly for Trump also showed large drops in the uninsured rate. Similarly, Gallup-Healthways data shows that among non-college, lower income whites — a Trump demographic — the uninsured rate has dropped 10 percentage points.

    Now those who voted for Trump are having buyer’s remorse.

    Watch video of Republican voters worried about their Obamacare here:

    Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.