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  • The Bush Administration Just EXPLODED On Trump, Here’s Why


    George Bush’s Administration is sick of Donald Trump double-crossing the Republican Party.

    Leading Republican and former Bush administration official, Christine Todd Whitman, called out the president-elect’s ludicrous assumption that climate change is a “hoax.”

    In a interview with BBC Radio Climate Change: the Trump Card, Todd Whitman spoke about the destructive path Trump will lead our nation to if he continues to ignore climate change. The former environmental chief said:

    I find it very worrisome that there seems to be a disdain for the science on protecting the environment.”

    “I worry terribly for the future of my family and families round the world because Mother Nature has never observed geopolitical boundaries and what one country does really does affect another country.”

    “To walk away from something where you have 97 per cent of scientists saying this is occurring and people have an impact on it … It’s gotten to the point where we’ve got to try to slow it down if we’re going to survive it.”

    In addition, the leading Republican told the radio that Donald Trump is indeed betraying a “Republican heritage of conservation”– noting the number of oil typhoons in his highly disturbing cabinet. She added:

    “Conservation is inherently conservative. I hope to be proven wrong by Mr. Trump but you have so many multi-millionaires from the oil industry in his cabinet.”

    “We want to have power and be energy independent but the problem is doing it in a balanced way to protect health and the environment, but from Trump’s view it doesn’t seem to enter the equation.”

    According to a leading scientist–who is in the middle of a ground-breaking climate change study, announced that global warming (as we know it) was beyond the “point of no return.” Dr. Thomas Crowther described Trump’s stance on climate change as “catastrophic for humanity.” 

    On countless occasions, Trump has tried to create his own facts for political gain. If he had any common sense, he would respect the facts on climate change and the overwhelming consensus views from scientists–that should certainly be on Trump’s New Year resolution list.