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  • CNN Just Released A Cover Photo Of Trump & It’s Driving Him INSANE (TWEET)


    When Donald Trump disapproves of something, he will let it be known. The president-elect griped and complained on Twitter today about CNN releasing  an unflattering photo of him. He tweeted:

    just released a book called “Unprecedented” which explores the 2016 race & victory. Hope it does well but used worst cover photo of me!”


    Here is the image the narcissistic prick is throwing a hissy fit over:

    Apparently, the self-proclaimed billionaire has nothing better to do with his time then to nag about how the media never makes him look good. According to Politico, Trump has been known to take issue with photos of himself that are used in the media. When the president-elect met with a group of journalists back in November, he reportedly complained to NBC News President Deborah Turness that the network won’t run a flattering picture of him.

    Shortly after his complaint on Twitter, the Twitter world fired back at Trump–mocking his narcissistic demeanor. Check these tweets out:

    Maybe if we all told Trump that he is handsome, he’ll stop tweeting about himself so much…highly doubt it though.