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  • DISGUSTED Obama Just Went After Putin; Putin BEGS Trump For Help


    There is little doubt that if Russian hadn’t been involved in hacking the Democratic National Committee servers and the Clinton campaign’s servers, we would have a different president beginning on January 20th, but Russians did interfere, so now, President Obama is taking things into his own hands and Russia does not like it at all.

    The President’s retaliation plans include expanding sanctions and taking diplomatic measures. Obama also singed the annual National Defense Authorization Act, which passed both the House and the Senate, but pissed off Vladimir Putin to no end and he is using Donald Trump as the excuse.

    In a statement Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry listed a litany of objections to this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), including the renewal of language related to Russian aggression in Ukraine and the easing of restrictions on supplying weapons to Syrian rebels.

    “Overall, it appears that the Authorization Act has been adopted by the outgoing Obama administration, which is hastily introducing new sanctions against Russia, to create problems for the incoming Trump administration and complicate its relations on the international stage, as well as to force it to adopt an anti-Russia policy,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in the statement.

    Source: The Hill

    Then, he went on to beg (in somewhat more official sounding language) the incoming administration for help”

    “This policy has brought the current US administration, which believed that Russia would bow to pressure, into a dead end. We hope the new administration will be more sagacious.”

    The language became angrier when talking about the proposed sanctions and the fact that the Obama administration is about to release the names of the people involved in the hack:

    Official representative for Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, said in a statement on the ministry’s website, “If Washington really does take new hostile steps, they will be answered … any action against Russian diplomatic missions in the US will immediately bounce back on US diplomats in Russia.”

    She went on to say of the hacking, “frankly, we are tired about the lies about Russian hackers — it’s misinformation by Obama administration aimed at providing an excuse for its own failure.”

    Source: CNN

    These aren’t the only cards up the sitting President’s sleeve. The administration said they have some covert actions planned.

    While this definitely will not turn back the clock or give Hillary Clinton the office that would likely be her’s without the foreign interference, but it will leave Trump with even less credibility than he currently has and it will paint Trump into a corner. Either he will, as Putin is asking, remove the sanctions and buddy up to the Russian dictator — but risk being treated as a traitor, even with a Republican Congress (who firmly believes that we were hacked), or he’ll make an enemy of someone who clearly has something on him.

    Featured image of Vladimir Putin via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images | Featured image of President Obama via Mark Wilson/Getty Images.