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Billy Baldwin Is Currently On Twitter Calling Out All Of Trump’s Lies, And It’s Magnificent (TWEETS)


Taking a cue from his brother Alec, Billy Baldwin is currently trolling Donald Trump on Twitter and doing so brilliantly. He’s clearly tired of Trump’s incessant lying, and is highlighting all of his recent tweets and pointing out how each and every one of them is a lie.

Check out Billy’s tweets here that include mocking Trump’s inability to spell:

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Israel is treated with in immense amount of respect by the Obama administration and currently receives $8 million per day from the United States, alongside being our closest ally in the Middle East.


If anyone has made this transition bumpy it’s Donald Trump and his incessant juvenile tweets and horrible cabinet choices.


Speaking in the third person aside, the economy has recovered under our current administration. Which if you haven’t noticed, isn’t Trump.


You know, when he’s not buying portraits of himself.


Well, maybe if he showed his taxes and disclosed everything we could see just how much he’s given to charity. So, balls in your court, Donald!


The only report that showed that number came out six weeks before the election, so sorry, Donald. No dice.


Trump clearly has no idea what the United Nations does and how important it is to global diplomacy. This tweet would be sad if it wasn’t so scary.


This is really up to personal opinion, but this Christmas was anything but merry for all the people that didn’t want Trump anywhere near the Oval Office. Which is 3 million more according to the popular vote, and even more if you count write-ins and third party candidates.

Kudos to Billy Baldwin for going after Trump. We need to hold his lies accountable. He wants to control the media and the conversation and we simply cannot allow that to happen.

Well played.

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