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  • Sarah Silverman SHREDS Trump After Anti-Women Tirade; It’s Absolutely GLORIOUS (VIDEO)


    Recently, at a rally in Lousiana after Donald Trump received “Person of the Year” from TIME magazine, the president-elect decided that he needed to feel more secure his manhood, so he decided to be as misogynistic as possible.

    Trump doesn’t seem to think it should be called “Person of the Year” but rather “Man of the Year” and to make his point he polled the people at the rally. You know the same folks who already seem to be cool with misogyny because they voted for Trump in the first place.

    This will likely be one of the most anti-woman things you will ever see in your life:

    Well, one woman who isn’t afraid to let her opinion be known about the raging misogynist that is Trump who has difficultly being called a person, is none other than the brilliant Sarah Silverman.

    Silverman, like any self-respecting woman should feel, was absolutely furious that the man who is supposedly supposed to lead the nation just made it seem like women shouldn’t be worthy of the TIME honor.

    Silverman tweeted out:

    “To be clear: DRUMPF would prefer to be “Man of the Year” bc “Person of the Year” INCLUDES WOMEN. This made me shake”

    And she’s right. Trump was clearly annoyed that the title “Person of the Year” included women, and he very vocally threw women under the bus with a smug grin on his face.

    He’s so obviously insecure in himself and needs constant reassurance from others that he’s worthy of anything. Ironically, he’s not worthy of much at all, including the presidency. Why else would he have all these rallies but to stroke his own ego? The man is a clear narcissist and doesn’t belong anywhere near the Oval Office.

    Featured Photo by Joe Raedle, Mark Davis/Getty Images