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  • Trump Campaign CAUGHT Manipulating Media Coverage In Secretive Deal (TWEETS)

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    It just finally became public that the Trump campaign has struck a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group to get better press coverage. What that translates to is less honest, severely biased news.

    This announcement was made by Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, who claimed Sinclair Broadcast Group’s reach was even greater than CNN in areas like Ohio. Apparently, the media group will be granted access to Trump and his campaign and in return Sinclair Broadcast Group will show Trump’s interviews without commentary. This announcement comes just weeks after Trump met with the mainstream media and attacked them for unfavorable coverage.

    According to Sinclair’s vice president of news, Scott Livingston, the media group had offered the same extended interviews to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but the former Secretary of State wasn’t interested. Livingston said:

    “Our promise was to give all candidates an opportunity to voice their position share their position with our viewers. Certainly we presented an opportunity so that Mr. Trump could clearly state his position on the key issues. Our commitment to our viewers is to go beyond podium, beyond the rhetoric. We’re all about tracking the truth and telling the truth and that’s typically missing in most political coverage.”

    In his announcement, Kushner also stated that the Trump campaign had bitter feelings toward CNN and felt the network was unfair to Trump throughout the election cycle. They had called on CNN president Jeff Zucker to change panels, and he had refused. Trump responded by specifically targeting CNN throughout his presidential campaign, and this new deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group is likely another one of Trump’s revenge plots against the network.

    According to two people that attended Kushner’s conference, Trump’s son-in-law spoke a lot about CNN. One executive noted, “He kept going on and on about it.” Kushner also said that Google and Facebook were more powerful than CNN and The New York Times, another media outlet that Trump has repeatedly attacked. If stunts like this continue, we can say goodbye to honest media.


    Featured image via Spencer Platt / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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