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  • Trump’s Secretary Of State Pick Just Got Worse; You’ll Never Believe Who’s Behind It


    Donald Trump talks about “draining the swamp”–but in reality, he just added a lake. His cabinet picks have all been far-right wingers who want to shut down everything this nation has worked hard to build.

    Earlier this week, Marco Rubio seemed a bit hesitant of nominating Rex Tillerson for  secretary of state–now, the Florida senator believes he’s the number one pick all thanks to the Lock Ness monster himself, former VP Dick Cheney.

    We all know that Tillerson is best buddies with Putin, and believes that business with Russia is an asset to the United States. Con-man Cheney has been an outspoken supporter of Tillerson, referring to him as an “inspired choice” in a statement. Cheney’s ultimate goal is to have Rubio support Tillerson as well–which I imagine would no be too difficult since Rubio has a backbone of a jellyfish. Just like Tillerson, the former vice president has deep roots in the energy industry, having served as chief executive of Halliburton. Despite being opposed by many Republicans for his close-knit friendship with Putin, Tillerson could easily be appointed the position. Washington Post revealed inside of the conversation between Cheney and Rubio:

    “After Trump officially tapped Tillerson on Tuesday, Rubio released a statement saying that he has “serious concerns” about his nomination, but will work to “ensure he receives a full and fair but also thorough hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.”

    “Rubio had heard directly from former vice president Richard B. Cheney, according to a person with knowledge of the conversation, as well as other key supporters of the ExxonMobil chief executive.”

    With that, one more controversial proposal by Trump at risk of running aground had found new hope for smoother waters. In this case, the intervention of a high-powered gaggle of establishment Republican leaders — none of them long-standing allies of Trump — appears to be leading the effort to save Tillerson’s nomination.”

    “When Cheney spoke to Rubio, said the person with knowledge of the exchange, who requested anonymity to describe the private chat. He is making calls to multiple senators, said a second person close to GOP leaders who requested anonymity to describe private conversations.”

    Cheney and Rubio refused to provide a comment of the exchange.

    For many years, U.S. sanctions on Russia have prevented Exxon Mobil from exploring assets. The prospect of rapprochement between the U.S. and Russia remains speculative, but both President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have said they want to improve relations–yet having such close ties may hinder the US, while Russia gains control of the world. If the world’s worst VP Cheney is supporting Tillerson, that should mean that he is the wrong pick for Secretary of State. It’s ironic how  money-hungry Cheney is so eagerly willing to jump on the Moscow bus. He never has been a true patriot, even though he tries to portray himself as one. A country who has been on the opposite side since WWII is now poised to become a favored state. A country who has meddled with our election of the President is alright as long as the republicans won. Our system is simply corrupted, and Trump has no earthly idea of the destruction he is causing.