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  • Trump Unleashes STUNNING Amount Of Stupidity In His Latest Statement On Climate Change (TWEET)

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    Most of us hoped that if Donald Trump became the next President of the United States, that he would start taking his role seriously and make an effort to learn about the major challenges in our country and world. Unfortunately, it seems like that’s too much to ask from the former reality television star.

    Trump reminded everyone just how stupid he is yesterday, when he suggested that despite overwhelming evidence, he still does not believe in global climate change. So much for hoping that Trump had somehow matured since his infamous 2012 tweet where he called climate change a hoax and myth created by the Chinese:

    Apparently Trump is still ignorant as ever. In a Sunday interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace, Trump ignored science and facts (no surprise there) by saying “nobody really knows” if climate change is real. Even worse, he said he is considering whether or not America should participate in efforts to reduce it. Holy crap, that is terrifying.

    Trump’s statement, in response to his consideration to have America withdraw from the Paris climate treaty that President Barack Obama had signed, is baffling. Here’s what he said about whether humans were making the planet warmer:

    “I’m still open-minded. Nobody really knows. Look, I’m somebody that gets it, and nobody really knows. It’s not something that’s so hard and fast. I do know this: Other countries are eating our lunch.”

    Meanwhile, there has been overwhelming agreement within the scientific community that manmade climate change does in fact exist. The Washington Post reported:

    “In its most recent report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concludedthat it is ‘extremely likely’ that, since the 1950s, humans and their greenhouse gas emissions have been the ‘dominant cause’ of the planet’s warming trend. The top 10 hottest years on record have all been since 1998, and 2016 is expected to be the hottest year since formal record-keeping began in 1880.”

    We all know that Trump is pretty much allergic to facts, so his denial of evidence is to be expected. However, climate change is a massive issue and if we have a President-elect that refuses to take it seriously, America and the world is in great danger.

    Featured image via Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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