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  • Trump Surprised By Fox Host During HUMILIATING Interview, Left Mumbling (VIDEO)


    Fox News has always been a mouth piece for right wing conservatives and the has also  been a stalwart supporter of now President-elect Donald Trump. However, in a surprising twist to what seemed to be Trump’s personal platform throughout the campaign, Trump was actually drilled in an interview that even surprised him.

    Trump sat down with Fox’s most well know host Chris Wallace in an interview that was filled with hard questions as well as criticisms of the soon to be president of the United States. Wallace went after Trump for his vicious rhetoric about Hillary Clinton, and at one point calling him out for his hypocrisy during one of the most brutal election campaign in American history. At times, Trump, who in the beginning looked relaxed and confident, became visibly flustered after Wallace pounded him on an assortment of issues that Trump wasn’t expecting.

    The President-elect has raised alarm bells among both Democrats and Republicans after a recent CIA report concluded that Russia helped him get elected. In addition, his many business dealings with Russia and other countries around the world and the conflict of interest it poses has left many Americans nervous that the soon to be president will not be able to perform the duties of the presidency properly.

    Although Fox has not and will not become more objective in its reporting when it comes to the GOP, at least this particular interview had a little journalistic integrity.

    Watch video here:

    Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.