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  • Alec Baldwin DEVOURS Dinesh D’Souza After The ‘A**hole’ Calls Obama A Girl (TWEETS)


    Something that we’re going to have to deal a lot with if Donald Trump is actually allowed to take the oath of office even after evidence of Russian interference with the election, is the fact that many people are going to feel like they have a free pass to be as big of a bully as they want.

    However, with the bullies comes those who will stand up to the bullies, and Alec Baldwin, time and time again, has proven he is up to the task. Whether it be as portraying Trump on Saturday Night Live, or on Twitter.

    So, when professional conservative troll Dinesh D’Souza decided he would, for no other reason than to be a bully, go after President Obama and call him a girl, Alec Baldwin wasn’t gonna stand for it.

    Here’s D’Souza’s childish tweet, where he said:

    “GIRLY-MAN CHIC: Obama’s departure in January may also signal the end of the metrosexual style in American culture.”

    You know, because god forbid men dress well and take the time to care about their appearance, all the while being one of the best presidents in the history of the Republic.

    Well, not letting D’Souza get away will being an asshole, Baldwin calls him out for being, well, an asshole.

    Baldwin then proceeds to call what’s happening out as it is:

    “What Obama’s departure marks in the end of an intelligent, gracious presence in the White House.”

    And he’s exactly right.

    If Trump is allowed to be president, then an actual bully will be in the White House who has shown zero respect for anyone other than those who kiss his ass. Clearly D’Souza is one of those people.

    And there’s nothing wrong with dressing nicely.

    Featured Photo by Mike Theiler-Pool, Michael Loccisano, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images