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  • UNHINGED: Trump ATTACKS CNN For Accurately Reporting ‘Apprentice’ Ties In Early Morning Rant


    If you’ve been paying attention to Donald Trump at all over the course of the election you will have noticed an interesting pattern. Whenever he claims something about another person, it’s probably about himself, and whenever he claims something isn’t true about himself, it probably is.

    So, when Trump took to Twitter, once again, in an early morning rant against CNN for accurately reporting on him, we can likely assume that he once again is lying to us.

    Here’s his unhinged rant regarding his continued connection to The Apprentice:

    “I have NOTHING to do with The Apprentice except for fact that I conceived it with Mark B & have a big stake in it. Will devote ZERO TIME!”

    “Reports by CNN that I will be working on The Apprentice during my Presidency, even part time, are ridiculous & untrue – FAKE NEWS!”

    Where did CNN get their information?

    Well, besides the exclusive from Variety that explained, in detail, Trump’s continued role in which he will still be getting paid:

    “The larger issue for MGM, NBC, and the White House is the payment that Trump will receive for the series. It’s unclear what his per-episode fee is, but it is likely to be in the low five-figures, at minimum. NBC has ordered eight episodes of “The New Celebrity Apprentice.” Trump’s fees will be paid through MGM, the production entity on the show, not NBC. MGM declined to comment on the financial terms of Trump’s deal.

    Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks confirmed that Trump has maintained a financial interest in “Apprentice.””

    Trump’s righthand person Kellyanne Conway also confirmed that he’ll be devoting time to it, telling CNN:

    “Presidents have a right to do things in their spare time.”


    “He’s a very transparent guy. Everyone can see what he’s doing, and the fact is that he is conferring with all types of experts who tell him what he can do and not do as President of the United States… If this is one of the approved activities, then perhaps he will consider staying on.”

    Conway then compared it to President Obama playing golf. You know, because working on a television show is the same as a round of golf. (sense the sarcasm)

    So, when Trump calls CNN out for inaccurately reporting on him, maybe he should realize the sources, one of which is his former campaign manager and a current top adviser.

    Let’s also point out the narrative Trump is perpetuating with “fake news” — a phrase we’ve been hearing a lot lately. Most of the actual fake news that has come out in the past year was written to Trump’s advantage, telling false stories about Hillary Clinton, etc.

    If you think about it, he’s been telling all of his followers to not trust the media for a very long time. He’s been setting this narrative of “fake news” for as long as one can remember. Why? Because then he can set the narrative, as any good dictator longs to do.

    Featured Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images