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  • Trump Accused of Committing ‘CRIME OF CENTURY’ In FBI Probe, May Be Impeached


    Donald Trump has said plenty of horrible things during his successful run for the presidency. However, it’s typically not words but actions that will get you in trouble. In the case of Trump and his campaign, that now appears to be the case. A prominent lawyer has just filed a lawsuit against the FBI asking for the basis for its controversial investigation in reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails right before the election. Critics of the investigation site the strange timeliness of reopening what was thought to be an over and done with look at Clinton’s handling of classified information.

    The investigation may have swayed voters, which has propelled Trump to power. In a post on his Facebook page, the lawyer, E. Randol Schoenberg, who was played by Ryan Reynolds in the movie ‘Woman in Gold,’ wrote:

    “I filed a lawsuit today against the US Department of Justice seeking immediate disclosure of the FBI search warrant for the e-mails of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.”

    “I think we need to see what ‘probable cause’ was shown for obtaining the search warrant, because whoever thought there was going to be evidence of a crime was obviously mistaken. And that mistake probably changed the outcome of the election.”
    Back in November, Schoenberg suggested that people in Trump’s camp deliberately called for reopening the investigation over Clinton’s emails knowing full well that there was nothing there. They were simply motivated by swaying the election in Trump’s favor:
    “This is potentially very serious, something that if traced back to Donald Trump might even lead to impeachment,” he wrote on his blog. “It deserves to be investigated fully and openly, and quickly, because if a crime was committed in the course of the FBI investigation, it is the crime of the century.”
    If evidence is found of any criminal activity, Trump and his cronies may all be hauled off to jail. Manipulating law enforcement and American voters is a serious charge. Although Trump may think he won, he may have just destroyed himself with his lust for power.

    Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.