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  • New York City Mayor Sticking Government With MASSIVE Bill Thanks To Trump (VIDEO)

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    President-elect Donald Trump still has a few more weeks before he begins his presidential term, but he’s already proving himself to be a disaster in every way. Despite saying that he would make America “win”, he’s clearly spent the last few weeks proving exactly the opposite.

    Trump has resisted performing his pre-presidential duties in almost every way imaginable. Not only has he ditched press pools and had phone calls with officials he should not have, he’s also resisted making use of the White House as his new headquarters. Instead, the President-elect has been staying at his Trump Tower in New York City during his pre-inauguration period, and it’s costing the city MILLIONS of dollars.

    In response to Trump’s ridiculous terms and conditions, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is footing the federal government with a $35 million bill to reimburse NYC for the security costs of the President-elect. In a press conference earlier today, de Blasio said:

    “We will be asking for up to $35 million in reimbursement for the period November 8 to January 20.”

    De Blasio also sent a letter directly to President Barack Obama with a request for reimbursement as well, which you can see in full below:

    CNN Money has reported that the security to protect Trump and his family while they remain in the Trump Tower comes with the hefty price tag of over $1 million every single day! For someone who insisted that he was going to be great for America, this really isn’t a good foot to be starting off on. Right off the bat, Trump is signaling that his own interests exceed the interests of the country, and that he has no intention of changing his lifestyle, even if the rest of Americans suffer.

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