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  • Trump Brings Back Putin Loving Paul Manafort; Americans Should Be TERRIFIED

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    America is in deep waters.


    Shady man Paul Manafort, who was fired from the Trump campaign in August for having Russian ties is back in Trump’s circle of imbeciles. Now, Manafort is serving as Trump’s advisor–which essentially means he will be telling Trump who to pick for his cabinet (someone have mercy on us).  Manafort is no doubt one of the shadiest and most untrustworthy individuals–the man has a relationship with Putin for heavens sake. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how this will play out.

    Here’s a little background information on the con artist:

    Manafort,–who was a veteran political operative and lobbyist, was hired by the Trump campaign back in April. Many people who worked along side him in the campaign viewed him as stubborn or “cut from a different cloth.” Since his ego was so big, it didn’t take long before he and then-campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski clashed. Furthermore, Trump has kept him  secret for a very long time–even his role as a campaign’s chairman, Manafort was not exactly visible; he basically did all of Trump’s secretive dirty work.

    Flash forward to present day and an election win in his pocket, President-elect Trump decides to bring him back to help him with his cabinet picks. Did I mention how much Manafort idolizes Putin? Ironic. For all we know, Manafort could have never left. Trump was just waiting until he won to bring him back to repay his butt buddy Putin for helping him win an election. Nevertheless, this is terrible news for our country. This just proves how much trust Trump has for a Russian dictator. Soon, Trump supporters will realize how much they screwed up, but by then Russia will be taking over the US. It seems as though we have a lose-lose situation on our hands.

    Check out tweets from Americans who are terrified of Trump’s irrational decisions, below: