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CNN Debates Whether It’s Risky For Trump To Acknowledge That Jews Are People (VIDEO)

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It’s difficult to choose the most frightening thing about the upcoming Donald Trump presidential administration. Already, he’s embroiled in numerous examples of glaring conflicts of interest, some of which could be national security disasters. He’s anti-First Amendment for both the media and he’s a critic of people’s rights to assemble or to speak out. More immediately frightening, though, is the fact after running a racist, sexist, xenophobic campaign, he’s packing his staff with white nationalists and the media is treating this as if it’s normal behavior.

CNN is supposed to be the most mainstream of cable news networks. On Monday, they were discussing the remarks of the founder of the alt-right movement, Richard Spencer. Spencer, who would have been completely ignored before Trump stepped into the political ring, now seems to have a legitimate voice and that voice actually asked if Jewish people were people at all and CNN reported on it. Here’s how the conversation started off:

Richard Spencer, he’s the man who actually coined that term, “alt-right.” He was in Washington this weekend. He was spewing, as he often does, what I can only describe as hate-filled garbage. Of Jews, Spencer said … “One wonders if these people are people at all, or instead soulless golem.”

Does President Trump need to formally denounce and disavow these groups as a whole?

Why is this even a question? Of course Trump needs to formally denounce and disavow these groups as a whole. But for the members of the so-called mainstream media, it’s not such an obvious question.

Instead of themselves saying, “no, Jewish people are not soulless golem, and yes, Jewish people are actual human beings,” the panel discussed the political ramifications, because clearly, that’s all that matters in Trump’s 2016, and well, if Trump denounces these scumbags, things might get sticky for him:

Well he has in the past. Over the course of the campaign, he was asked this question a few times regarding David Duke, regarding more generally the alt-right and some of their more ethno-nationalist sentiments. And he did denounce them. But because this keeps popping up—and because he chose Steve Bannon, and because there’s some controversy over that—certainly there’s some people that are urging him to do so again.

There’s a risk inherent in that, because if he does denounce it, he’s raising this issue and lifting it to more prominence, lifting their message to more prominence. So I could see why they wouldn’t want to say anything. But I think the challenge for Trump and his team moving forward is going to be to assure people that people on the alt-right, white nationalists, do not have a voice in the Trump administration and do not have a place in the policies he’ll be crafting when he is president.

Here’s the video:

Yes, Trump could easily tell the “alt-right” to take racist views back into the closet they’ve been hiding out in without giving them any legitimacy at all, but he won’t. More significantly, the mainstream media can stop treating the alt-right as if they are a legitimate voting bloc or even legitimate people. It’s becoming increasingly clear that that won’t happen either.

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