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  • Student Q&A Erupts After Trump’s Team Gives A SERIOUSLY F***ed Up Answer (VIDEO)

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    Corey Lewandowski may not be Trump’s campaign manager anymore, but he’s still very much team Trump even several months after Trump fired him in June. Despite being picked up by CNN as a contributor, Lewandowski never stopped promoting and talking up Trump, practically acting like his spokesman. Even now, there are rumors that Lewandowski is going to be part of Trump’s administration as he recently resigned from his job at CNN – and that rumor certainly makes sense considering he is continuing his role as Trump’s personal hype man.

    Unfortunately for Lewandowski and Trump, this just didn’t sit well with many students at the University of Oxford. During a Q&A session at the Oxford Union this week, the former campaign manager was not only confronted about Trump’s bigotry and lies, but humiliated, protested against and mocked.

    First, members of the Student Union protested his presence at the school outside, stating “fascists are not welcome here.” Lewandowski didn’t have better luck inside, either. First, he was confronted by a female student who called him out for having zero self-respect, asking him how he could support a presidential candidate who was a bigot and liar. Lewandowski smugly replied, and his response caused quite a stir:

    “Well, the good news is I’m seated doing that, so I don’t have to stand, so I appreciate that. But here’s what it comes down to: Mexico will pay for the wall, and it’s very simple.”

    Right after Lewandowski said Mexico would pay for the wall, the students erupted into laughter and showed Lewandowski just what a jacka** he and his beloved candidate were. When things finally died down, Lewandowski moved on to talking about Trump’s meeting with the Mexican president, never even attempting to answer the student’s question about why he supports Trump despite all his faults.

    You can watch the students tear Lewandowski apart below:

    Featured image via Sean Rayford / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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