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  • Stop Being Played, America; Watch How Trump’s Hamilton Tweet Distracts From His Fraud Case


    In the past 12 hours, what has grabbed your attention about Donald Trump on the internet? Probably his demand on Twitter that the cast of the Broadway hit show ‘Hamilton’ apologize to his vice president-elect Mike Pence who attended the show Friday night.

    Crazy, right? Of course he is. But this is all the same game he’s been using throughout the course of his election campaign. Focus on the small things, throw a temper tantrum, and people will stop talking about the fact that he’s admitted to sexual assault, hasn’t shown his tax returns, and was in the middle of a giant fraud lawsuit.

    He wants America focusing on his lame Twitter tantrums, because then that’s what the mainstream media will focus on for it’s entertainment value. Let’s face it, the news isn’t news anymore. All the biggest names like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc. have all become TMZ by a different name. However, at least TMZ does better investigative reporting.

    Don’t believe me? Here are some analytics.

    Yesterday, Trump settled his lawsuits regarding fraud with Trump University for the giant sum of $25 million. You don’t settle like that if you know you’re innocent. He wanted it to go away before he took office. Even his legal team, albeit claiming they would’ve have still won, said now he can focus on the issues of the nation.

    And this story was all over the news, as it should be. The president-elect just seemingly admitted to fraud by settling and paying out $25 million. Huge story, right? It dominated search engines everywhere.

    That was, of course, until his early morning Twitter tantrum demanding a Broadway show apologize to his VP because they had the audacity to speak the truth.

    Now, on newsfeeds across the country, everyone is once again focusing on Trump’s twitter tantrum instead of the issue that really truly does matter.

    We, as a nation, and I’m guilty of it too, look for the entertainment value in things. We want to put out what will sell to the audience. Meanwhile, Trump, being the TV and business guy that he is, knows this, and will play all of us, as he will for the next four years.

    Wisen up, America. Focus on the fact that we just elected a president who went to court for fraud, admitted to sexual assault, and still won’t disclose his financials. We’re being played, but it can end now if we want it to.

    Featured Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images