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  • Trump’s Response To Losing The Popular Vote Will Make You Laugh Your A** Off (TWEETS)

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    Alas, Trump’s Twitter venting continues on. This time, the President-elect expresses his delusional thoughts in a bitter manner.

    Of course, he will go on a Twitter rampage even AFTER his shocking election win–it’s Donald Trump. On Tuesday morning at 7:34 A.M. Trump woke up, sat on his throne (toilet), and tweeted this:

    Essentially, he is trying to say that if the win ‘was’ based on popular vote, he would have focused more on New York, Florida, and California in his campaign, but all I hear is him whining about losing the popular vote.  Let it be known that Trump lost the popular vote by over 1.8 million, and the fact that he believes that California and New York, two of the biggest liberal states would vote for him is a joke in itself. Trump won the election, yet his ego is still hurting. Ironic?  I think not. The republican nominee then proceeded to vent with this statement:

    Oh, the Electoral College is genius now? Truly amusing considering the fact that Trump called the Electoral College a “disaster for democracy.”

    When will this man ever learn to keep his mouth shut? It is post-election and President-elect Trump is more worried about losing the popular vote than actually making “America Great Again.” This is just another reason as to why Trump is not fit to be given the title ‘President of the United States.’ The man needs to grow up and start learning how to lead our great nation.