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  • Paul Ryan ADMITS He Helped Trump Win By Keeping BILLIONS From Obamacare (DETAILS)


    Republicans all across the nation love to tout the line that Obamacare doesn’t work. That it raises costs and isn’t effective in helping people. What they fail to tell you is currently over 20 million people benefit from now having healthcare under the exchanges, everyone is now able to be covered, and it would have been a lot more effective if Republicans nationwide had actually decided to implement it properly. However, they decided to throw hissy fits, and instead of set up state exchanges, rely on the federal government, thus purposefully overloading it and made it seem like a failure before it could even start.

    These are not politicians working in your best interest. They are only looking out for their own self-interest of making Democratic policies look bad so they stand a better chance of winning.

    More proof of this just came when House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) was asked about where the money would come from for high-risk pools, his solution to growing health care costs. Instead of having cost protections, like under the current Affordable Healthcare Act, Ryan wants people with serious medical conditions to be placed in high-risk pools. Nice guy, right?

    First, let’s look at some facts:

    Which would be a lot better if Republicans actually decided to help the people and not just themselves.

    Here’s the most infuriating part. Paul Ryan wants $25 billion for these godawful high-risk insurance pools. Yet, remember, he purposefully kept $2.5 billion from Obamacare while finding money for defense, etc.

    Now, when asked where the money would come from for the $25 billion for the pools, he literally said:

    “You really want me to give you a technical answer.”

    Basically saying, we have the money, and I want it for what I want, but I didn’t want it for the people of the nation when they needed it most because it didn’t serve in the best interests of me and my party in an election year.

    He knows that if Obamacare is seen as a success, the GOP looks like losers. He literally tried to sabotage Obamacare to help the Republican party and Donald Trump win. Because then Trump had a basket full of excuses to hate the health law while campaigning and could point out rising costs.

    Paul Ryan and Republicans need to be held accountable for this purposeful deception. The money is there. He just didn’t want Obama to have it.

    Featured Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images