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  • Oprah Just Did The Unthinkable Regarding Trump’s Presidency; Celebrities Pissed

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    While she wasn’t a supporter, Oprah Winfrey, in an attempt to maintain peace, encouraged dissenters to “take a deep breath” and give Donald Trump a chance. Oprah fans and celebrities are having none of it, though, and they are turning on Oprah in droves.

    It all started with this:

    That led to a rash of replies like this:

    Anti-Trump celebrities also jumped in, questioning what little credibility Oprah has left:

    While “breathe” might sound like good advice…if you had a bad day at work, the election of Donald Trump isn’t a bad day at work. Since the election, hate crimes against gay people, Muslims and People of Color has spiked dramatically. It’s not just that people are being put in imminent danger, they are also going to be put in more long-term danger, as Trump and Republicans carry out their agenda of overturning Obamacare, privatizing Social Security and Medicare and place a Supreme Court that will ensure decades of corporate rule over the citizens of the United States.

    Oprah is African-American, and she does a lot for her community and for the nation in general, but perhaps with her wealth, she’s lost touch with what happens in the real world. People of Color are not safe after the election of Donald Trump. Gay people and Muslims will live in fear. Rape victims will be afraid to come forward after seeing how Trump’s accusers have been treated. Rapists and sexual predators will become empowered. After all, one of them won the presidency. Immigrants will live in fear of deportation and Americans who just happen to be of Latino (or even Asian) decent will constantly be eyed with suspicion. The media and anyone who dares criticize the new Commander-in-Chief will be threatened with law suits.

    The only people who will truly be safe in Trump’s world are the white and the very rich. Oprah isn’t the first, but she’s certainly the latter.

    Featured image via Josh Brasted/Getty Images.