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  • Judge On Trump U. Fraud Case Makes Shocking Statement Now That Donald Is President-Elect (VIDEO)


    The U.S. Federal Judge presiding over the suit against President-elect Donald Trump and his now-defunct Trump University advised both sides to seek a settlement “given all else that’s involved.”

    “It would be wise for the plaintiffs, for the defendants, to look closely at trying to resolve this case given all else that’s involved,” Curiel said.

    Trump’s lawyers are battling students who claim that they were conned by false promises from Trump and his staff out of up to $35,000 to learn Trump’s so-called real estate investing “secrets” taught by his “hand-picked” instructors.

    On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel rejected Trump’s bid to keep damaging statements he made during his presidential campaign out of the fraud trial.

    According to court papers filed by the plaintiffs, Trump owned over 90 percent of Trump University and was in control over all the key decisions.

    However, Trump denies the allegations and claims that others, not him, were in charge of making significant decisions.

    The trial is scheduled to begin on November 28.

    Trump’s attorney Daniel Petrocelli asked the judge to delay the trial until early next year so that his client could prepare for the many tasks he has to complete before the inauguration.

    However, Curiel informed Trump’s attorneys that he was not inclined to postpone the six-year-old case any further.

    Meanwhile, Petrocelli told reporters that his client might have to consider being a “little more flexible” about settling the case now that he’s president-elect, although he’s not confident Trump’s willing.

    Wouldn’t it be a shame if some wealthy interest(s) offered to compensate the plaintiffs should they decide to go forward with their suit?

    That would just be “tremendously unfair,” wouldn’t it?

    Featured image via YouTube.

    Joe Clark

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