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  • Judge In Trump University Fraud Lawsuit SHUTS DOWN Key Request; Trump SCREWED (DETAILS)


    In case anyone forgot with the news of Donald Trump being elected as president, he still has a pending lawsuit for fraud coming up at the end of November.

    According to Fortune:

    “The lawsuit filed in 2010 on behalf of former customers alleges that Trump University, which was not accredited as a school, gave seminars and classes across the country that were like infomercials, pressuring people to spend up to $35,000 for mentorships and, in the end, failing on its promise to teach success in real estate. The claims mirror another class-action complaint in San Diego and a lawsuit in New York.”

    Trump is also planned to testify.

    Currently, Trump’s attorneys are trying to keep statements made by Trump during the campaign out of the trial. They asked that:

    “Statements by or about Mr. Trump made or publicized during the campaign or otherwise outside of the adjudicative process.”

    If you’ll recall, Trump badmouthed the judge presiding over the case, Judge Gonzalo Curiel, and went after his Mexican heritage.

    According to Talking Points Memo:

    “As part of the request, they have also asked that evidence related to his “tax issues,” “personal conduct accusations,” beauty pageants, casinos, bankruptcies and other matters that have emerged as a part of his presidential bid be left out at trial.”

    In addition:

    “They included in that category tweets and stump speeches, as well as comments made by his campaign surrogates. Additionally, they asked that “Comments about this case or the Court” be not considered in the case.”

    Trump’s lawyers don’t want evidence from the campaign to sway any decision by a jury.

    Well, Judge Curiel just denied Trump any sort of request.

    According to TPM:

    “…comments made by Trump, including those on the campaign trail, would not be automatically excluded as evidence in the case.”

    Basically, anything and everything will be on the table, unless Judge Curiel grants a future request to deny specific testimony.

    This is very bad news for Donald Trump as the case moves forward, because he may end up being found guilty of fraud after all. And who knows what that will mean for the new president-elect come January.

    Featured Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images