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  • Clint Eastwood’s Latest Tweet Makes His Empty Chair Speech Seem Sane

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    FBI director, James Comey, just two days before the election, cleared Hillary Clinton of a charge that never should have been made. Just over a week ago, Comey said that there were some possibly suspicious emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer. There weren’t. Now, after several days of Comey being Republicans’ best friend, they are now turning on him.

    Actor, director and GOP stalwart, Clint Eastwood, didn’t exactly turn on Comey, but he did go to Twitter to claim that Comey had some mob level pressure, presumably from the Clinton campaign, to drop the investigation. The tweet says:

    FBI Director Comey did you happen to wake up with a horse in your bed because ‘Magnum’ my horse happened to have lost is last night 🙁

    It sounds like Eastwood has taken his career in Westerns a little too literally, or, as many speculated after his infamous empty chair speech during the 2012 Republican convention, he’s losing it. While many of Eastwood’s followers agreed with him (no surprise there; they are his followers, after all), many mocked.

    Even this apparent non-Hillary supporter thought Eastwood was on the wrong side of history:

    Most of the supportive tweets were pretty benign, but there was the occasional post like this, which should be reported to the Secret Service:

    After Eastwood’s tweet, it’s surprising there aren’t more death threats than that. Eastwood, like Trump and like so many in the Republican party, have absolutely no problem with violent imagery, which surprise, surprise, leads directly to violence.

    Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images.