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  • Kid Tells His Mom He’s Not Voting For Clinton; Mom’s Reaction Goes Viral (VIDEO)


    This election year, much of the talk is about the newest voting bloc, millennials. Fortunately, millennials are overwhelmingly voting for Hillary Clinton, but there are some who are deciding to go third party.

    The son of an apparent immigrant broke the news to his mother that he wouldn’t be voting for Clinton. He’s not voting for Donald Trump either, but that wasn’t good enough for his mother. In a video that has now gone viral, Twitter user Kenny posted the moment he broke the news.

    The mother, who’s obviously rather strict (probably in a good way) told her son to take a picture of his ballot, so she could see who he voted for. Then she told him that he must vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Kenny asked, “if I don’t vote for Hillary, what’s going to happen?”

    “There’s going to be a little problem in this house,” the mom answered. “I’ll seize your phone; I’ll seize the car.” Kenny laughed hysterically.

    “I am serious,” Mom insisted.

    Kenny said, “I’m not voting for Trump. I’m not voting for Hillary.” He didn’t mention who he was voting for, but Mom wasn’t having it.

    That’s when she raised her voice, and said, “do not vote for the stupid man who doesn’t know that there’s Aleppo – a Syria war going on. You’re going to be as dumb as the man.” she continued.

    When Kenny asked if he could just not vote, his mother said, “no, there’s no no vote option. You are so stupid. You have to carry out your civic duties of your being an American.”

    She went on to call Kenny a “moron,” to which he laughed, which pretty much indicates she’s not an abusive mother, and perhaps even that getting so angry is a rarity.

    Here’s the video:

    Regardless of how you feel about how Kenny’s mother talked to him, this video shows exactly why Republicans hate immigrants. It’s not that they’re terrorists or that they collect too much welfare. Republicans hate immigrants because by and large, they, or at least their citizen children, vote Democratic.