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  • Fox Tries To Get Martin O’Malley To Attack Hillary; Instead, He Leaves Them SPEECHLESS (VIDEO)

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    Fox & Friends had no idea what they were in for when the 3rd place Democratic presidential candidate, Martin O’Malley. The three hosts expected that they’d get a sympathetic voice for Donald Trump, and that O’Malley would agree that the system was “rigged” for Hillary Clinton. Instead, O’Malley left them in a pile of drool and rubble.

    They began quoting an email from O’Malley to Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. The email said:

    “As far as observations – when you think your country no longer works for you and your family, voting becomes solely an act of protest. Most Americans feel their own politicians have rigged the economic opportunity game against them. But you know all of that.”

    It was pretty clear that the hosts had zero comprehension of the entire email. All they saw was Donald Trump’s favorite excuse – the system is rigged. That, they thought, was their opening. It wasn’t.

    First off, unlike Trump, O’Malley wasn’t complaining that the system was rigged against him personally. He was saying, much as Bernie Sanders was saying, that the economic system is rigged against the average voter. It is. As far as the election, O’Malley happily said that Clinton won fairly and squarely. She got the most votes.

    As for the rigged system, O’Malley said that there is a real problem when people work hard and can’t get ahead. He also said that Hillary Clinton has the plan to help the poor and middle class. Watch their facial expressions.

    Then, Tucker Carlson, who’s best known as Jon Stewart’s punching bag, talked about the fact that Clinton is part of the problem because being a rich Democrat is bad and being a rich Republican means you’re a friend of the little guy.

    O’Malley responded that it was Trump who was part of the problem because he hasn’t released his tax returns and even members Trump’s own family admit that Trump has received money from Russia.

    Carlson’s voice went up about an octave at the Russia remark, arguing that Trump is not a puppet of Putin.

    They tried to pivot back to the claim that the election has been rigged for Hillary since the primaries, and to that, O’Malley said that at the end of the day, “Hillary Clinton won the most amounts of votes.”

    The next line, “I am glad to support her against the fascist threat that is Donald Trump” set Carlson off, sending his voice into the stratosphere.

    “That’s silly,” Carlson whined.

    Then, O’Malley, who’s probably read a book or a few dozen in his career, unlike the people interviewing him, began to tell them exactly how Trump is a fascist:

    1. Encourages people to resort to violence.

    2. Wants Muslims to have ID cards.

    3. Calls for a massive wall and mass deportations.

    But, but, but Joe Biden, the panel whined (in reference to Biden’s statement that he wanted to take Trump behind the gym after he heard Trump’s comments about sexually assaulting women), because “I know you are but what am I” is the only retort of Trump and his surrogates.

    The best quote of the interview thought, came when Carlson asked about Donald Trump’s proposed wall, to which O’Malley said, “it’s interesting that Donald Trump doesn’t have the balls to talk about the wall when he’s in Texas because even conservative people down there don’t want a giant wall built across their state.”

    Here’s the video:

    Featured image via video screen capture.