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Trump BUSTED For Cheating The Same Way He’s Accused Hillary Of Throughout Campaign

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If there’s one thing that’s consistent about Donald Trump, it’s that nearly every accusation he throws at his opponents are true for him. He calls Hillary Clinton a liar, yet his entire campaign is based on lies. He calls her “crooked Hillary” yet his record is as a scam artist. Trump’s latest accusation is based on a WikiLeaks leak that accused Democratic National Committee head Donna Brazile of leaking a debate question to Hillary Clinton.

It turns out that Brazile may have given Clinton a town hall question, but not a debate question. Trump calls that illegal. It’s not. It’s also not illegal to ask for questions from reporters, but it’s pretty unethical, especially in a political campaign where reporters are not supposed to be writing puff pieces, but Trump, who only wants puff pieces and threatens to sue for anything even remotely critical, demands the questions in advance. At least that’s what one reporter is saying and when she refused, Trump cancelled the interview.

Jenna Bourne, who works for Jacksonville Florida’s Fox 30 News, had an interview set up with Trump after Monday’s rally. Trump was a no-show. Bourne said the campaign asked for a list of questions. They answered by sending a list of general topics, which is standard. That wasn’t good enough for Trump.

Donald Trump has a love/hate relationship with the media. He loves people like Billy Bush, who fawn all over him. He hates any media source that doesn’t. As president, he’s vowed that he will crack down on the media, to the point of seriously damaging one of the cornerstones of our democratic republic: freedom of the press. Trump has said he would like to “open up” libel laws to make it easier to sue.

Of course, freedom of the press has never stopped Trump from suing before. He regularly sues and he regularly loses. In fact, his insistence on using our court system as his personal vendetta machine typically backfires on him. There’s nothing like keeping a negative headline alive than to sue about it, and then to lose the suit.

In an election where the most common complaint coming from one of the candidates is that the system is “rigged,” it’s hard to take him seriously when he is the one trying to do the rigging. Real journalists never give their questions in advance. If they did, that would be the equivalent of writing a press release for the subject. Breitbart might be happy to do that for Trump, but no legitimate news source would.

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