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  • All You Need To Know About Trump Can Be Found In This Threatening Letter He Wrote In 2007 (DETAILS)


    It can be said that the only thing Donald Trump cares about is, well, Donald Trump. His narcissism is abundant, and he’ll do anything to try to protect his very, very fragile ego.  It can also be said that he’s likely running for president, not for the country, but for himself. He’s a man who loves power and what position would offer more power and offer a bigger ego boost than becoming President of the United States.

    Throughout this election, we’ve seen Trump go after the media for saying negative things about him. Negative things, mind you, that are being either reported accurately or quoted verbatim from his mouth. He doesn’t like the media actually reporting on him accurately. He wants to control what people see of him and how they see him. This is also due in part to his narcissism. It’s also exactly what dictators do so they can control the message.

    When he doesn’t like what you say, he does one of two things; he bullies you or he sues you, or at least threatens to sue you. This isn’t anything new. In fact, back in 2007 after a Los Angeles Times reporter reportedly accurately on Trump’s fraudulent business ventures, and spoke of him in terms that describe him perfectly, Trump, not liking this accurate portrayal, threatened to sue the Los Angeles Times.

    Here’s the letter Trump wrote to the Los Angeles Times:

    “I am worth many billions of dollars, am building large scale developments all over the world, am considered by many to be, by far, the hottest name in real estate, and I have read an article by a third-rate reporter in your newspaper that my “primary claim to fame” is hosting The Apprentice. Unlike many other people that make their money giving seminars, I made my money in real estate and, as your reporter should have known, I never filed for bankruptcy.

    When he called me two weeks ago to ask questions about Trump University, a very successful though very small part of my business holdings, this reporter sounded like a real “wise-guy”. Unfortunately, there are too many such people in the otherwise wonderful profession of journalism. With people like this working for the Los Angeles Times, I now see why it is a newspaper in a tailspin — both from an advertising and circulatory standpoint. Try getting rid of your “bad apples” like this and I bet you will do a lot better — and by the way in last season’s Apprentice the Los Angeles Times was all too anxious to partake in one of its episodes.”


    “P.S. The picture, however, was great!”

    If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about how smarmy and full of himself Trump is, what the hell else do you need? He only cares about how people perceive him, and definitely thinks his sh*t doesn’t stink.

    Oh, and about those “bankruptcies,” yes, they very much did happen.

    If Trump were to actually become president we honestly wouldn’t know a damn thing about what is actually going on with anything he’s doing. We wouldn’t be able to trust a single word coming out of his mouth, nor a single decision he makes as Commander-in-Chief at home or abroad.

    That is absolutely terrifying.

    We simply cannot let this man and his giant ego get anywhere near the Oval Office. Not just for the United States, but for the sake of the entire world.

    Featured Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images