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  • Elizabeth Warren Just Clucked Like A Chicken To Imitate Trump, And He’s Gonna Be PISSED (VIDEO)


    When it comes to this election and who really gets under the skin of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, no one seems to do it better than Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

    Warren literally couldn’t care less what Trump and his giant ego thinks of her, and she lays it all out there on the table, saying what most of us are already thinking — that Trump is a big baby terrified of losing to a woman.

    In yet another tweetstorm, Warren brutally goes after him, but it’s what she did at a campaign event for Hillary Clinton the other day that’s really gonna get under Trump’s skin. Warren imitated Trump and literally clucked like a chicken.

    First, here’s the latest tweetstorm:

    And in that article, Warren skillfully says what many Republicans don’t want you to know — election fraud, in and of itself, is a fraud:

    “Anyone with children knows that whining about imaginary cheating is the last refuge of the sore loser. But GOP leaders have served up such a steady diet of stories about imaginary cheating that an Economist-YouGov poll shows that 45 percent of Republican voters believe voter fraud is a “very serious problem,” and 46 percent have little or no confidence that ballots will be counted accurately. They hold these views even though there is literally no evidence — none, zero, zip — that widespread voter fraud is a factor in modern American elections. A recent study looked at around a billion ballots cast in the United States from 2000 through 2014 and found only 31 instances of impersonation fraud at the polls.”

    So, while some Republicans are backing away slowly from saying the election is “rigged,” Trump is still running with the lie at full steam.

    Truth is, he knows he’s losing, and with a man who has an ego as big as his, you need to make up excuses for why you lost. He can’t blame himself for being a sexist and racist pig with no policy experience whatsoever, so instead he claims Hillary Clinton is cheating.

    That, my friends, is the sign of not only a loser, but a sore loser. And knowing what a scared sore loser he is, Warren calls him on it, imitating him like the true chicken he is.

    Watch Warren cluck like a chicken imitating how scared Trump actually is:

    Featured Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images