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Trump Questions Obama’s History With Women And Sexual Assault; Destroys His Own Campaign (VIDEO)

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Republican nominee Donald Trump has been moving his campaign in an insane downward spiral for weeks, but what we’ve been witnessing from Trump over the past several days may just prove that he’s gone too far.

In response to the sexual assault accusations being hurled at him – many of which just became public knowledge – Trump has been on attack mode following the exposure of him bragging about sexually assaulting women in a 2005 recording. He’s not only been attacking the sexual assault victims accusing him and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton – today he also chose to attack President Barack Obama. It was the dumbest move for his campaign yet.

At a rally, Trump not only called Obama an “incompetent president”, but wondered – on national television – why no women have ever accused Obama of sexual assault. Clearly, Trump was bitter about what happened last night, when Obama unleashed on Trump and any GOPers who were still supporting him after his disgusting comments and behavior toward women. Trump, attacking sexual assault victims and Obama at the same time, said:

“Why doesn’t some woman maybe come up and say––what they say falsely about me, they could say about him. They could say it about anybody… I’ll tell you what, he better be careful, ’cause they could say it about anybody. Anybody at all.”

Those remarks are not only extremely idiotic, but hurtful to women everywhere. First of all, Obama hasn’t been accused of sexual assault probably because he hasn’t sexually assaulted anyone. Obama has an outstanding track record of respecting women and fighting for their rights and dignity. He’s even launched initiatives with Vice President Joe Biden to help PROTECT women from sexual assault. Unlike Trump, Obama doesn’t have any rape cases or accusations against him, and has never uttered any of the misogynistic language that Trump is now infamous for. Obama and Biden are widely known feminists, and they are doing everything in their power to trash Trump and save the country from this orange monster.

Trump’s statement is also incredibly harmful – he is implying that when women come forward about rape or assault, that they are making it up and should be doubted. That is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why more women don’t come forward about these traumatic events – and Trump has done nothing but belittle them. It should be noted that Trump made this statement right after he insulted the appearance of one of the women accusing him. And yet, he is bewildered that women hate him and are accusing him of heinous crimes.

You can watch Trump spew his anti-Obama nonsense below:

Trump is an idiot and doesn’t deserve the privilege to follow in Obama’s footsteps. He’s been showing us this since day one, but it seems like now people are finally starting to pay attention.

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