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  • Trump Surrogate Tries To Defend Trump’s Lewd Remarks; His Response Leaves CNN Anchor STUNNED (VIDEO)

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    Republican nominee Donald Trump has pretty much destroyed his presidential campaign thanks to several disgusting, lewd, misogynistic comments that were recently leaked in an audio tape from 2005. Trump’s rapey comments, where he bragged about sexually assaulting women and how he was entitled to “grab them by the p*ssy” have caused many top Republicans to either un-endorse Trump completely, or at least stop defending him and distance themselves from his campaign.

    Unfortunately, for every GOPer who has rediscovered their conscience over this audio tape, there is another conservative willing to jump into this sh*thole and defend Trump. One of these people is actually one of the last people you might expect to defend the actions Trump described in the tape – former presidential candidate and Trump surrogate Ben Carson. Carson, who is a retired neurosurgeon and a devout Christian, absolutely stunned CNN’s Brianna Keilar during an interview today, when he defended the unhinged GOP nominee.

    Carson stood up for Trump, and said that Trump had merely been boasting of his “sexual conquests.” Carson said:

    “One as I was growing up people were always trying to talk about their like…sexual conquest and trying to make themselves appear, you know, like Casanova. I’m surprised you haven’t heard it.”

    Keilar tried to point out just how problematic the business mogul’s statements and described actions were, stating, “I haven’t heard it, and I know a lot of people who have not heard it.”

    Then, Carson gave a response that stunned her. He basically suggested that the issue was that the disgusting comments Trump made were not heard by the American people ENOUGH, which is why everyone was so upset about it. He said:


    “Well maybe that’s the problem. Maybe that’s the problem. People have not heard this. Maybe that’s the problem. Whether they’ve heard it or not, the issue is the train that’s going off the cliff. We can come back after we save the country. After we keep the train from going off the cliff. And I would welcome, quite frankly, a discussion of morality in this country. I think it would be a wonderful thing if we bring back our Judeo-Christian values. I think it could do nothing but help us. I would be all in favor of that.”

    So in a nutshell, Carson thinks the true issue here is that people aren’t exposed to offensive “locker room talk” enough and that we should endure disrespectful, sexually charged messages that describe rape and assault more often. Oh yeah, Carson also thinks this country needs more morality. Seriously, is Carson on drugs?!

    You can watch this horrific moment below:

    Featured image is a screenshot

    Patti Colli

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