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  • This Mom Mailed Her ‘P***y’ To Trump As EPIC ‘Donation’ To His Campaign (IMAGE)


    There are a lot of things that have happened during the course of this election cycle that have made us all do a double take, but what a mom in Florida just did to Donald Trump may take the cake, and in the best way, well, ever.

    After Trump’s horrific remarks were leaked from an old Access Hollywood tape where he admitted to sexually assaulting a woman, and said he can just grab women by the p*ssy, one woman is taking matters into her own hands to make a point.

    Emily Robinson of south Florida received an “Emergency Contribution Reply” from the Trump campaign in the mail. However, instead of mailing back a check to help out the pervert reality television host, Robinson mailed something else — her p*ssy. Well, at least what she could of it. Then she posted what she did to Facebook.

    On the contribution form she checked off “other” and then attached a letter that reads:

    “Dear Mr. Trump, I am not able to mail you my actual pussy so I’ve included the next best thing. Cheers, Emily.”

    Then taped to the letter is a clump of her pubic hair.

    Here’s the Facebook post:

    Clearly, Robinson did this as a form of protest to Trump’s disgusting remarks, and quite honestly, it’s f*cking brilliant.

    Robinson told the website ScaryMommy.com:

    “After I did it, I drank a beer, chuckled, and felt better.”

    And good on her for doing so. Trump needs to get the message that bragging about sexual assault, even in private, is never, ever okay. It’s not something that we should condone of any person let alone a person who wants to be President of the United States.

    Kudos to Robinson for taking this matter into her own hands. Very well played indeed.

    Featured image via Facebook