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  • Daily Show Completely Annihilates Fox News For Being The Racist ‘A**holes’ That They Are (VIDEO)


    Fox News didn’t expect THIS to happen.


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    During last night’s segment of The Daily Show, correspondent Ronny Chieng brilliantly humiliates Fox News for its “garbage attempt at comedy.” After The O’Reilly Factor aired an extremely racist segment in Chinatown (NYC) by host Jess Watters, the small-minded show received a ton of well-deserved backlash from America.

    Apparently, Jesse Waters thought it was a good idea to  pile as many Asian stereotypes as he could find into one five-minute piece that was inspired by China’s role in the first presidential debate. Not afraid to call out Watters for being an “ignorant sack of sh*t,” Chieng went down to Chinatown himself to show how you really do a segment on how Chinese Americans feel about the presidential election. Chieng asks one man on the street:

    “What are your thoughts on the Jesse Watters video on Fox News?”

    And the man responds with:

      “The chicken sh*t reporter who came down here and thought he was big sh*t because he talked to people who couldn’t speak English? The one who was sent here by the larger chicken sh*t who couldn’t come to Chinatown because he was afraid to do it himself, you mean that one?”

    Thank you Daily Show for this truly masterful takedown.

    Watch The Daily Show hilariously slam Fox News, below: