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  • Trump Viciously Attacks Bernie Sanders; Internet Tells Him To STFU (TWEETS)


    Donald Trump is digging himself an even deeper hole.


    The Republican candidate can’t seem to handle the pressures of campaigning, so he results to backlashing on Twitter (per usual). This time, the self-proclaimed billionaire decides to go after Senator Bernie Sanders and the Twitter community is not too happy about it.

    After Bernie Sanders shut down the Trump campaign’s desperate attempt to push a discredited story about Hillary Clinton, Trump begins to plot a way to attack Sanders. The day after his 1995 tax returns were released to the public, Trump’s typical Twitter fuse began. Trump tweeted:

    Due to Trump’s terrible debate performance , his fat-shaming and racist remarks about Miss Universe, and the debut of his tax documents, the Republican nominee is hanging on by a thread.  It was just a matter of time until he found someone new to attack and Bernie Sanders just so happened to be his next target. Like all of his attacking attempts on Twitter, it backfired and the Twitter world decides to give him a taste  of his own medicine. These tweets are priceless:

    Not only are they ridiculing Trump, but they also call him out on his poor spelling. Apparently, Trump never learned the golden rule in grade school: “I” before “E” except after “C.” These next set of tweets are some of my favorite:

    This just goes to show that Trump has nothing to offer America, except for  his Twitter entertainment.