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  • Trump LOSES IT As Clinton Trolls Him With EPIC Income Tax Calculator (TWEETS)

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    During the presidential debate last Monday, Republican nominee Donald Trump couldn’t help but brag about how “smart” he was for not paying his federal income taxes. Trump received so much backlash for this, that the New York Times published a report on Saturday indicating that Trump may have been dodging his taxes for as long as two decades! That’s right – he’s paid NOTHING! And in response to that shocking information, Hillary Clinton just trolled The Donald in a truly brilliant way.

    Inspired by the report released by The Times, Clinton revealed her very own “Trump’s ‘Smart’ Tax Calculator” today – and it’s genius. The calculator claims:

    “We’ve developed a formula to calculate how much you would pay in taxes if you paid the same as Donald Trump.”

    The calculator serves as a brutal insult to Trump’s scammy behavior and lies. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what amount of money you enter into Clinton’s calculator. You can even put in $100 million and the result is always “If you were Donald Trump, you would have paid $0.00 in federal income taxes”.


    The sad thing is, it’s the absolute truth – Trump has even admitted to it! He is PROUD of cheating America!

    To make Trump’s meltdown over this even worse, Clinton isn’t even the only politician to deliver an epic slam to him today. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, who hates Trump with a passion, also responded to The Times‘ report, saying that the reason Trump won’t release his tax documents is because they will prove him to be “a spoiled, rich brat.”

    The fact that Trump is still refusing to show Americans his tax returns despite how much criticism he has gotten should be a major red flag that he is hiding something huge. Hopefully this attack from Clinton will get his campaign to self-destruct even further, as Trump’s been having a major meltdown ever since he lost the debate.

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