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  • Trump May Fire Campaign Manager After She Admits He Abuses Women (VIDEO)


    Donald Trump’s most recent campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has a nearly impossible task. She is the latest in a long line of hired hands brought in to mold the least disciplined presidential nominee in either party ever into something resembling a viable option at the ballot box.

    Needless to say it is a thankless task and Trump doesn’t seem to be listening to her or his other handlers at all. Instead he’s not only gone rogue, but has stayed there for the entire campaign.

    As a result, Conway is often caught on camera having to spin her way out of the latest Trump gaffe, lie, or just bizarre statement. That kind of thing is so mentally taxing that it will eventually lead to televised screw-ups like Conway’s latest.

    Speaking about Trump and Clinton after he was destroyed in Monday night’s presidential debate, the first of three plus the vice-presidential debate, Conway was trying to speak about the nominee’s record with women:

    Just after Monday’s debate, however, Trump’s own campaign manager — Kellyanne Conway — made what kiiiind of seems like a Freudian slip.

    In a spin-room interview with Fox News, Conway said Trump “made it clear that he came ready to say some rough things if [Clinton] was going to challenge him about his abuse — about his record on women.”

    Trump is already on the short end of the stick when it comes to female voters, as he has added to the already considerable Republican deficit with that critical voting bloc. Whereas John McCain and Mitt Romney struggled with women voters, they have actively and strenuously opposed his campaign. That has led to a narrow path to victory for Trump, in which he has to get a ridiculously high number of male votes to even be viable – and his repeated attacks on Muslims, Latinos, and blacks don’t help him with either men or women in those groups.

    Trump is on record referring to women as “fat pigs,” attacking them for their looks, and insisting that they are only as valuable as their physical assets.

    Conway has got to watch her tongue over the next month, or the Trump gravy train might completely dry up.

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