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Trump’s Restaurants Could Kill You: Unsanitary Conditions With Salmonella-Infested Food Found


It’s a no-brainer as to why Trump wants to eliminate certain FDA regulations in his new economic plan; his restaurants have violated many standard health codes, failed health inspections, and managed to kill a man.

According to The Hill, the Trump campaign railed against the “FDA food police,” complaining that the agency “dictate[s] how the federal government expects farmers to produce fruits and vegetables and even dictates the nutritional content of dog food.” Nevertheless, the FDA does indeed regulate pet food, but for an accurate reason. Since September of last year, 11 of the 23 pet recalls by the FDA pulled chow off shelves due to food poisoned by listeria and salmonella. Donald Trump clearly doesn’t care for the well-being of Americans, since his restaurants are infested with salmonella mousse, roaches, and expired products. Along with the dog food, the Trump campaign whined about the FDA’s standards for food and farm production hygiene, and safe cooking procedures. Of course, Trump is a moron and doesn’t realize that these same safety precautions  help prevent foodborne poison outbreaks, much like the one that affected the Purgatorio family.

Thomas and Kathleen Purgatorio, a couple in their early 60’s, visited a restaurant called Buffet by the Sea in Trump’s Castle Hotel and Casino. They were expecting  to be wine and dined by the billionaire’s  fancy restaurant, but instead they were exposed to  “salmonella-tainted mousse” according to AP. Kathleen told AP that she felt a little ill afterwards, but nowhere near as ill as her husband, Thomas. In an interview with DailyBeast, their daughter  Katherine Purgatorio-Howard says she clearly remembers the incident.

‘He was in critical care from October to December. We brought him home. We kept him in the living room in a hospital bed. He was in distress the whole time and then, in January, he went back to the hospital and died.’

BOOM. Another law suit for Trump.

The newly-widowed woman  sued Trump’s Castle for  $11 million over the salmonella-infested mousse, which the New Jersey Department of Health said in a report had sickened over 100 people—including the Purgatorios—over the span of four days in October 1989. Kathleen’s lawsuit was one of six food poisoning lawsuits filed over the mousse around the same time, according to AP. Of course, like every other law suit, Trump disposes it with his money. Another reason why Trump is a sickening coward.

Every American loves to eat authentic and fresh food, and President Barack Obama is all for feeding America the best possible products out there.

Obama and the Democratic Congress approved a wide-ranging overhaul of the country’s national food-safety system. Initially, the bill is intended to  keep unsafe foods from reaching markets and restaurants, where they can make people extremely ill. Since then, Republicans have been eager to eliminate food regulations. Why? To simply put it, they only care about themselves.

Denise Nelson, former Atlantic City Health Department official stated:

‘We find it highly unusual that most of our problems in Atlantic City have been associated with the Trump properties. The physical part of the [establishments] is top-of-the-line but it all boils down to extremely poor food handling.”

It seems as though Trump could careless if he poisons someone.

According to DailyBeast, the NYC Health Department records indicate that the Trump Cafe and Grill in Trump Tower” received 45 violations during an ungraded inspection in October 2015.” Also counting 5 additional violations including “unapproved shellfish, a lack of appropriate “metal stem-type” thermometers to check cooking temperatures, and unsanitary wiping cloths.”

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