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  • World War II Hero Breaks down, Has Message For America About Trump (VIDEO)


    Donald Trump has said many awful things about a lot of people including Muslims, Mexicans, the disabled, women, and even American veterans. At one point, Trump went after decorated hero and former prisoner of war John McCain. If you recall, a few months ago, Trump mocked McCain for being captured in Vietnam and even questioned whether he was a war hero. Here’s what Trump said:

    “He’s a war hero because he was captured—I like people who weren’t captured, okay?”

    Joel Sollender, a prisoner of war who was captured by the Nazis during WWII, is featured in a new ad that breaks down Trump’s insult to America’s veterans.

    “Apart from the outrage of the insult to prisoners of war, he insulted all of our military,” says Sollender, who appeared to be choking back tears as he noted his war was both “70 years ago, and yesterday. I would hope we would not adulate a man like him and put him into the most precious office in this country.”

    Trump at one point even went after a Gold Star family because of their rejection of Trump and his bigotry and because they are Muslim.

    The touching video shows exactly why Trump must not be president. He’s someone that belongs as far away from power as possible. His insults about captured war heroes should have been the red line yet it’s unfortunate that some Americans do not see him for what he truly is.

    Watch video here:

    Featured image via video screenshot.