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David Letterman Pisses Off The Entire GOP With THIS Announcement (VIDEO)

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After 33 years on late night TV, David Letterman called it quits just last year. Now, he has a new project and it will really piss off Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP.

Letterman isn’t coming back to late night TV. He’s done with that, presumably forever, but he does have one passion and that is to save the planet. He will host an upcoming episode of National Geographic’s docuseries called Years of Living Dangerously. The series explores the very real crisis of climate change from different perspectives. In his episode, Letterman will travel to India to find out how they deal with their growing energy needs.

“I’m in no position to editorialize about solar power or any kind of renewable power,” Letterman says in the promo (via Entertainment Weekly). “I’ve created, excuse the expression, kind of a love affair with this. Think about the coal-fired, dangerous, smoke-belching generating plants, and then you look at this and it’s friendly. There’s something very appealing about this, and it’s smooth. Look at it: I can touch it and it’s safe. I put my head right there on it.”

A solar-powered current then repeatedly jolts letterman after he rests his head and retirement beard on the panel.

Here’s the trailer for the episode, which will air on October 30th on the National Geographic Channel.

While the timing of the episode, just days before the election, is coincidental, you can guarantee that it will be seen as propaganda by Trump and the rest of the Republican party. Trump has long been a climate change denier and he’s bringing voters down with him.

You can bet Trump will be tweeting about this, especially since David Letterman isn’t exactly a fan of Donald Trump.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images.