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  • Sarah Palin Compares Herself To Gabby Giffords In Most Disgusting Facebook Post Yet (DETAILS)


    Some people in this world just crave attention, and one of those people is most definitely Sarah Palin.

    Palin, in an effort to victimize herself and pull a story out of her behind, just compared herself to Gabby Giffords. If you recall, Giffords was shot in the head while meeting with her constituents in Arizona while serving as a U.S. Congresswoman.

    What is Palin doing? She’s saying there’s a “double standard” in the media. How did she come up with this? Well, let’s take a gander at her latest Facebook post:

    “Another epitome in media double standards, in my opinion: A schizophrenic shoots an Arizona representative and the media goes berserk blaming me for the crime. That year’s SarahPAC electoral map had included a “target” icon, and media erroneously claimed it somehow spurred on the criminal.”

    Which, as you’ll recall, did display EXACTLY a target over Gabby Giffords alongside several others:

    via Facebook
    via Facebook

    Palin then goes on and one declaring that her SuperPAC putting a target over Giffords had nothing to do with the shooting, even though it normalized violence and did, in fact, place a target on her head. Sure, she didn’t pull the trigger, but someone else did.

    But I get it, Palin can never be wrong. She’s perfection. That’s why America elected her to be vice president in 2008. Oh wait, no, she’s most definitely why McCain lost. That and Obama being the better candidate.

    Palin also tries to blame the “liberal media” for their use of words like “Crossfire” in show titles. Even though, that means crosstalk and anyone with a basic understanding of the English language would realize this.

    Then, using her word-a-day toilet paper, Palin says this:

    “The apoplectic media pinning me for the crime caused turmoil and threats that are inexplicable, stretching still to this day. I say this not to claim any sort of victimization, but to point out the power the media has to try to destroy someone’s career, reputation and spirit, by employing its common double standards.”

    No one blamed Palin for the crime. They blamed her for using imagery that made it look like violence was how to get people out of office. They blamed her for failing to own up to using this imagery in a derogatory fashion. They blamed her for perpetuating a societal acceptance of violent solutions. You know, “Second Amendment solutions.”

    Then, shortly after Palin said she’s not trying to “claim any sort of victimization” she claims victimization and thinks cable news is now placing crosshairs over her now.

    How? So glad you asked.

    Here’s the stretch that may make you want to throw something. No, it wasn’t a blatant placement of crosshairs over a person like with what Palin’s PAC did very purposefully to Gabby Giffords. She’s complaining about her placement on the big screen behind news anchors. Yes, really.

    She wrote in her Facebook post:

    “This morning on MSNBC the liberal media once again features their “target” icon in their political graphics. And all is well in the lamestream media. Let’s hear it for consistency…”

    Here are the images she’s referring to from CNN (not MSNBC) from an obscure website bearing her name:


    And this:


    Someone’s clearly looking for some attention here because this is absolutely absurd. CNN is clearly using their multi-screen to display her face, and yes, they do cross over her face, but don’t you DARE try to ever compare this to what was done to Gabby Giffords, who had literal gun scope crosshairs placed over her by SarahPAC.

    This is looking for something when nothing is there just to claim a double-standard that simply doesn’t exist. It’s not even remotely the same thing. To be blunt, she’s lucky any news outlet cares to cover her at all. Palin is a sad soul starving for attention and she needs to drift off into the dustbin of obscurity.

    Here’s her full cry for attention since the media hasn’t been talking about her for a while:

    Featured Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images