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  • BUSTED: Ivanka HELPED Trump Bribe Attorney General Into Covering Up Trump U Fraud (IMAGE)

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    The bribery scandal concerning Donald Trump’s fraudulent school, Trump University, just keeps on getting bigger. Thanks to some recently discovered information, it turns out that Trump’s own daughter Ivanka was also involved in bribing Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi into covering up what happened at the unlicensed University.

    Trump University was under severe scrutiny and several lawsuits as people began to come forward about how the University had ripped them off and taken advantage of them. Because these people spoke up, the University is now facing a massive federal lawsuit that will take place in November for racketeering and consumer fraud. Yet, Trump and his daughter have been busy constructing a plan to bribe Bondi into ceasing the investigation into the fraudulent school – and it was working.

    Trump alone has put tens of thousands of dollars into covering up this case, with several contributions between 2013 and 2014 to both Bondi and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott – right around the time that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a lawsuit against Trump for running his scammy University. And now the plot thickens, as it’s just been discovered that Ivanka personally donated $500 to Bondi’s general election fund around that time – just 15 days after Schneiderman sued Trump. Trump had also donated $500 to Bondi’s election fund, two months before Ivanka.


    It seems that Bondi wasn’t satisfied with the combined $1,000 donation from Trump and his daughter, but they were already capped at the $1,000 donation for the election cycle according to Florida’s laws. Bondi decides to open the investigation into Trump University, and Trump gets scared. To make sure that his fraudulent University would remain protected, The Donald J. Trump Foundation donated $25,000 to And Justice For All, which is an electioneering organization Bondi controls. Here’s the timeline:


    Unfortunately, Trump’s donations – with the help of Ivanka – worked. In late 2014, Bondi ceased the investigation into Trump University. And it just shows that when it comes to hiding Trump’s faults and lying to the American people, it’s a family affair for the Trumps.



    Featured image via Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

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