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Reporter Lets Trump Go After Hillary’s Looks, And It’s PATHETIC (VIDEO)


Letting Donald Trump get away with whatever he wants seems to be the protocol for most reporters these days, and ABC’s David Muir is apparently no different. During an interview to air on Tuesday, Muir attempted to ask Trump about going after Hillary Clinton’s looks, but then backed away like a scared puppy dog the minute Trump decided to pivot.

Muir asked:

“Let me ask you. You’ve often talked about Hillary Clinton’s stamina. You even said she doesn’t look presidential.”

Trump, very bluntly, responded with:

“I really do believe that.”

Muir began to press him on that point, saying:

“But what do you mean by that?”

So, Trump responded:

“Well, I just don’t think she has a presidential look and you need a presidential look. You have to get the job done. I think if she went to Mexico she would have had a total failure. We had a big success.”

Okay, first of all, no, Trump’s Mexico trip was not a “big success.” Secondly, what the hell does a “look” have to do with getting the job done?

Muir then weirdly asks:

“But when you talk about her not looking presidential, are you talking about her aesthetics?”

This is when Trump completely pivots, and says:

“I’m talking about in general. Hey, by the way, she says things about me that are horrible. As an example, the single greatest asset I have, according to those that know me, is my temperament but she came up with this Madison Avenue line, “Oh, let’s talk about his temperament.” It’s the single greatest asset I have is my temperament.”

What does temperament have anything to do with looks? And no, Trump, you have the temperament of a three-year-old throwing a temper tantrum. Trump was clearly trying to dodge the question, and it worked. Muir lets him get away with it. Way to cater to and enable the pivot.

Trump likes to talk and pretend that the media isn’t in his corner, but the opposite seems to be true. The press has been allowing Trump to walk all over them this entire election cycle, pulling the puppet strings of manipulation. Meanwhile, Hillary is the one who keeps needing to prove her over-qualification to be president over and over and over. The double standard is obvious and pathetic.

Watch Muir let Trump get away with going after Hillary’s “looks” here:

Featured image via video screen capture