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Pence Once Published Article About The Dangers Of Having Gay Employees (VIDEO)

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Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence has extensive experience as both an opinion writer and editor. Between 1991 and 1994, Pence was the publisher of the conservative Indiana Policy Review.

The Indiana governor once wrote a piece suggesting that Walt Disney’s Mulan was nothing more than liberal propaganda about women joining the military.

In 1996, Pence wrote an article in which he lamented the low ratings of the 1996 GOP convention (which he blamed on the media), stating that “an endless line of pro-choice women, AIDS activists, and proponents of Affirmative Action may have struck a chord with the Washington press corps.”

However, the governor’s best piece of sh.., or rather “work,” was this column that he wrote in 1993 concerning a story about a newspaper that attended a job fair for gay journalists. One notable passage reads:

“Will a gay writing on gay issues be identified as would the owner of the local Ford dealership if he were to write on the issue of Fords?

As we understand the nature of both the political and scientific debate, the demand is that gaydom be elevated from a pathological condition or mere sexual preference to the status of one like sever natural human divergences like hair or skin color.”

So Mike Pence believes that “gaydom” is a “pathological condition.”

His article went on to complain about the “special interest of organized homosexuals” and how editors who are gay were unable to prevent their sexuality from infecting their work.

Donald Trump has once again picked a real winner, who if elected will most likely have a strong influence if not completely dictate U.S. domestic and foreign policy, as Trump himself has no interest in the boring administrative duties that almost entirely comprises of the job of being president.

Here’s a video of Pence dancing around the question of whether or not he opposes discrimination against the LGBTQ community, and he’s quite the nimble bigot.

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