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Trump Jr. Just Posted IDIOTIC Tweet That Even Has Dad Shaking His Head


Donald Trump Jr. is very excited these days at the thought of becoming the son of a future president. He’s so excited that he’s been involved in every step of his father’s campaign but that may not be a good thing. Polls show that the Republican nominee is getting pummeled by Clinton and while Jr. is trying his best, he’s hurting rather than helping his dad in his his bid for the White House. His latest screwup is sure to have dad in an uproar because Jr. just retweeted a fake post about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Here’s the retweet by Jr.:


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However, the tweet itself is a fake and there’s no evidence that it was sent from Clinton or her campaign. Apparently, like his father, Jr., also uses Twitter to spread false lies and propaganda. Instead of fact checking however, Jr. made the dumb mistake of posting a tweet that is most likely a spam. Here’s how Twitter responded:

We should also keep in mind that poll after poll shows Clinton is a solid lead against Trump throughout the country. The bottom line is that the Trump campaign is getting so desperate that they’re reposting spam.

Featured image via video screenshot.