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The Nation’s Largest LGBT Business Organization Just Made A Historic Endorsement

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The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has been active for 15 years, but they’ve never made a presidential endorsement, until now. According to the organization, which is the largest in the nation for LGBT owned businesses, Hillary Clinton is far and away the best person for the job.

“The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has never endorsed a candidate in its nearly fifteen year history, but the stakes have never been so high for the future of the LGBT business community. Hillary Clinton is the progressive champion our businesses and our families need to thrive,” said NGLCC Co-Founder and CEO Chance Mitchell. “The LGBT community has come too far to lose its seat at the table, and we are certain that Secretary Clinton will be the President fighting for the collective economic and social longevity of America’s 1.4 million LGBT business owners.”

The group cites the fact that Clinton has denounced discrimination and called it bad for business. They also see Clinton as being the best candidate for all small businesses, regardless of who owns them.

“The NGLCC and our partners are proud to endorse a champion for equality and opportunity who will promote the Democratic Party’s most progressive platform yet,” added Chance Mitchell. ” Secretary Clinton proudly affirms an essential core value of the NGLCC: that we are all stronger together, and that our economy only succeeds when the American Dream is available to all LGBT and allied Americans.”

Clinton has been racking up endorsement after endorsement. Last month, she was endorsed by Advocate Magazine. She was endorsed earlier in the year by The Human Rights Campaign.

These endorsements could be shocking for some who have followed the evolution of LGBT rights, especially since Clinton was slow to endorse marriage equality and her husband signed the highly controversial Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, which forced gay people in the military to stay locked in the closet.

For those who follow Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican platform, though, none of this should be surprising. Trump wants to leave LGBT rights up to the states, which was a disastrous idea for African-Americans pre-Civil Rights Movement and it’s a disastrous idea for LGBT people now. The twice divorced candidate also claims to be for “traditional marriage,” which, as always, is code for not letting gay people marry. The GOP platform is even worse.

The official platform, finalized this week, defines marriage as between a man and a woman, rejects what it calls the Obama administration’s redefinition of sex discrimination laws to include transgender individuals, and says parents of LGBT children should be allowed to force their children into conversion therapy. Committee members even rejected an attempt to include language condemning foreign terrorist attacks against the LGBT community.

Source: Think Progress

Clinton, on the other hand, is for protecting transgender rights along with rights of all LGBT people.

For LGBT people, the political goal is in sight. It might take generations for bigotry to be bred out of the American people, but same-sex marriage is legal, which means that for the first time ever, gay people can receive all the benefits of marriage.

Still, most states allow LGBT people to be denied jobs or homes or nearly anything, simply because of who they love. That’s shameful and it’s certainly not something Donald Trump or his Supreme Court nominees would ever do anything about. You can be sure, though, that this is near the top, if not at the top, of Hillary Clinton’s agenda.

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