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  • Chicago Police Brutally Responds To Donald Trump’s Ridiculous Claims On How To End Violence

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    Donald Trump is a man of really, really simple solutions to yuuuuge problems. He’ll end all undocumented immigration by building a wall. He’ll end ISIS by doing something, and according to Trump just last week, he’ll end the escalating violence in Chicago by, um, well, that’s a secret. Now, the Chicago police, in a sarcastic jab at the GOP frontrunner, would love for Trump to share his wisdom and insight.

    The violence in Chicago is out of control.

    Violence is occurring at levels unseen for years. In the first quarter of 2016, 141 people were killed, up from 82 last year, according to police department data. The number of shootings surged to 677 from 359 a year earlier. The city is on track to have more than 500 killings this year, which would make this just the third year since 2004 that Chicago topped that figure.

    Source: Washington Post

    Donald Trump has the solution, or at least he says he got the solution from some unnamed “top cop” who says Chicago’s violence could be stopped within a week.

    Of course, anyone with a brain knows that Trump is blowing smoke up his voter’s you-know-whats, but that doesn’t matter to them. It does matter to Chicago’s police department, who would just love to know Trump’s secret.

    On Sunday, during a news conference discussing the two brothers charged in the shooting death of Nykea Aldridge, cousin of NBA star Dwyane Wade, the Chicago police superintendent was asked about Trump’s comments.

    “If you have a magic bullet to stop the violence anywhere, not just in Chicago but in America, then please, share it with us,” Superintendent Eddie Johnson, the city’s actual top police officer, said at the briefing. “We’d be glad to take that information and stop this violence.”

    Source: Washington Post

    Naturally, Trump has no plan. Trump never actually has a plan. He has a secret plan to fight ISIS. He has a secret plan to win the election. He even has the secret birth certificate, or something, that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii. Like any sleazy gameshow host, Trump is promising that if we pull the right level (in this case, voting for him), we’ll get to peek behind door number three. Unlike with most sleazy gameshow hosts, we’d be lucky if door number three is filled with a lifetime supply of Rice-A-Roni.

    The violence in Chicago can be solved, but the solutions are a bit too complex for Trump voters to comprehend. An end to the drug war, some money invested in infrastructure and in the Southside of Chicago, stopping the flow of guns crossing the border from Indiana and community policing (instead of strong arm policing, as Trump advocates) can go a long way to solving the problems, not just addressing the symptoms.

    Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images.