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  • Pharma Bro Tries To F*** With Stephen Colbert And Fails Miserably (TWEETS)

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    On Friday, Late Show host Stephen Colbert shredded former big pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli for his cold and callous defense of Mylan exec Heather Bresch’s decision to jack up the price of life-saving EpiPens from $100 a set to over $600.

    During an interview with CBSN, Shkreli compared the EpiPen to an iPhone.

    “Mylan is the good guy. They had one product, and they finally started making a little bit of money and everyone is going crazy over it,” said Shkreli. “Like I said, it’s $300 a pack. $300. My iPhone is $700. … It’s $300 and 90 percent of Americans are insured.”

    The interviewer interrupted with a look of confusion mixed with disgust, “You don’t need an iPhone to exist.”

    “Yeah, but that doesn’t matter though, because it’s $300 dollars and 90 percent of Americans are insured,” Shkreli smugly retorted.

    Prior to playing the clip of Shkreli’s disgusting interview, Colbert mocked Shkreli by pretending to inject himself with an EpiPen upon seeing a picture of the “pharma bro.” With a sigh of relief Colbert then told his audience, “That was a close one, I’m severely allergic to douche.”

    Shkreli decided to fire back at Colbert on Twitter with this “classy,” juvenile  homophobic reply.

    Colbert’s response was everything Shkreli’s attack wasn’t, it was sharp, sophisticated, and absolutely hilarious.

    ooh burn
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    Now most people would have common sense enough to take their burn, move on, and stop trying to engage with a professional comedian on Twitter. But this is pharma bro we’re talking about, so of course, he had to send more ultra-lame tweets, which only made the burn that much worse.

    Shkreli even put Jon Stewart on blast, which means he’s either that stupid or loves just being humiliated by expert humiliators.

    Featured image via YouTube and (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

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